BOBBY Brett Mack
BETH Lydia Gibson
PAUL Charles Beikert
JAKE Jason Gamble
CAROL Gretchen Barbor
JJ J.R. Sherburne
SHOPPERS Braden Newell
Lisa Newell
ZIGGY As himself


Brett is a current first year Graduate Student at the FSU/Asolo Conservatory located in Sarasota, FL.  He could most recently be seen on stage in the Hippodrome Theater's productions of Leveling Up and The Tempest.  Prior to Home Range, some of his other film and TV credits include: Knight to D7 with Hector Elizondo and Season 2 of ABC's drama, Scandal.  Brett is eternally grateful to his mother and father for their unending love and support, and to his classmates, professors and sponsors in Sarasota.  After graduating from the Asolo Conservatory in 2017, Brett plans to re-enter his professional acting career. In the meantime, he looks forward to his final years of training and performance.


Lydia Gibson is an actress and singer currently residing in Indiana, PA. This is Lydia's most extensive experience in film acting. Her previous credits include an array of plays, musicals, operas and smaller-scale short films through Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Theater and Dance Program as well as Saint Vincent College's Music Department. The learning experiences and friendships gained through the Home Range process were more than what Lydia could have hoped for this early in her film career. To Natalia, she says "thank you for casting me, and na zdrowie to your beautiful story telling." And to the Big Guy upstairs, her incredible family and Brandon, "thank you for your undying support and love, through every twist and turn life brings.”


Chuck is an actor working in Pittsburgh with Unseam'd Shakespeare and Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks among other professional companies. For three seasons he has also worked in security with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Chuck is a husband and father of two as well as an avid motorcyclist. Chuck's acting influences include Jimmy Stewart and Marlon Brando.


Jason is first and foremost a musician. He plays the type of universal music inspired by the landscapes and people that he has encountered – from the grit and grime of post-industrial Appalachia to the rhythms and harmonies of the shores of Lake Erie. He has performed with members of Rusted Root and The Clarks and is currently regularly performing with his group Wolves in Sheep's Clothing. Home Range is Jason’s first venture into acting though he hopes to continue exploring the craft. He also contributed original music to the film.


Gretchen is a recently retired English & Drama teacher from Indiana Area Senior High School in Indiana, PA where she taught and directed Natalia in some of her early theatre work. Gretchen has been involved with the arts in some capacity her entire life and is an accomplished dancer/choreographer. She continues to act in the local community theatre and is a member of the Board of the Indiana Arts Council where she hopes to carry on her work in arts advocacy by expanding creative opportunities for local artists, as well as educational outreach and support for local students.


A Kentuckian by birth, JR has spent time in all corners of the US, but has settled for the last several years in Western Pennsylvania. A renaissance man, he is a social worker, potter and performer. JR is the resident artist the Artist Hand Gallery in Indiana, PA. He has also acted in local theater productions, radio and short films around town. JR and Natalia have taken the stage together multiple times, and this is the second film Natalia has directed him in. They both hope to continue to collaborate in the future.